Play & Pray: A Scarf

You’re going to love the scarf. While baby is laying on his back, dance the scarf in front of him. Collapse it into a ball. Unravel it again. Dance it through the air like a wave. Twirl it around. Cover your head and play “peek-a-boo”. My six-year old can entertain the baby for 25 minutes at a time, acting out stories with the scarf. It’s inspiring! Baby just watches the movement of the sheer fabric, dancing about and listens to his sister’s lilting voice. (She’s really the scarf-expert who should be writing this post, but because she’s still hunting-and-pecking on the keyboard, I figured I’d crank it out.)

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3 Responses to Play & Pray: A Scarf

  1. Sarah says:

    What a great idea! The simplest things and efforts seem to be the most effective and memorable. By the way, I love your sense of humor :)

  2. Amy Chase says:

    YES! My black silk scarf with white and purple polkadots was my baby’s favorite for months. It was a go-to cheerer-upper when he was about 2 months old–I’d throw it up in the air and he’d watch it float and flip down. He also loved to feel it sliding across his little face! Now that he’s 9 months we mostly play peekaboo with it.

  3. Widiarti Kabul says:

    My daughter (now 5 months old) love doing “peek-a-boo” with our green scarf. I just have to do it fast enough before she “eats” it.

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